OneBlox Architecture

OneBlox is a reimagined scale-out
storage solution.

Exablox’s cloud managed, scale-out, object-based storage appliance solves businesses’ common storage pain points: complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, limited capacity and forklift upgrades. Without the shackles of a legacy scale-up storage architecture, Exablox’s clean sheet approach combines the CIFS/SMB and NFS accessible OneBlox appliance with OneSystem, an elegant multi-tenant cloud-based management service.

Decrease Storage Costs

OneBlox is plug and play scale-out storage with the ability to “bring your own disks” to the appliance. Gartner Group’s research indicates disk and flash drives can account for up to 50% of the storage systems hardware costs. Paying retail prices for SSDs or HDDs rather than the typical 5-10X premium to the storage vendor can appreciably decrease the storage costs. As the retail price of drive prices continue to decline monthly, IT Organizations are able to immediately enjoy the cost savings on future storage purchases. OneBlox provides additional flexibility by allowing users to mix-and-match drive types (SAS, SATA) and capacity within the same OneBlox and within a ring with zero-configuration. Drives can be removed, recycled, reused, and replaced dynamically while the file system restores the desired levels of data protection automatically. Such flexibility ensures that drives purchased from retail can easily be consumed within OneBlox with zero configuration.

With application performance requirements skyrocketing, all-flash storage systems increasingly have become integral part of the IT organization. One of the primary influencer of costs of these expensive systems are the extreme vendor premiums charged for the flash drives. Paying retail prices for enterprise class SSDs ensures that cost barriers for flash-storage systems are eliminated. Now, there is simply no reason to stay with hard-drive based storage system for your performance hungry applications. In fact, OneBlox all-flash system costs less than $0.50/GB effective — assuming 5:1 storage reduction via inline deduplication and compression.

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