OneBlox 5210

All-flash Storage at HDD Storage Prices!
High Performance, Scale-out Storage, at Less Than $0.50/GB

VMware Ready

OneBlox's Scale-Out Architecture is Certified For Use in VMware vSphere Environments

Insurance against Ransomware

With OneBlox's Continuous Data Protection

Only Pay
As You Grow

Exablox is the industry’s only
on-premises scale-out NAS for small and midsize organizations

Storage Costs

OneBlox delivers enterprise
functionality at the lowest cost
of ownership

451 Research
Impact Report

Exablox's storage is an
unusual combination of an
object-based scale-out foundation

“Exablox is setting an example for other object storage vendors to follow – one that IDC believes is the recipe for the success for object platforms in general – and that is the fact that object stores are excellent persistent data storage media.”

– Ashish Nadkarni, Research Director of IDC

“InfoWorld Review: Exablox OneBlox is a storage admin's dream Smoothly scalable, automatically redundant, set-it-and-forget-it NAS rewrites the network storage playbook”

– Tim Ferrill @TFerrill

“@lhietpas: I'm loving my new #Exablox #OneBlox Appliance @Exablox”

- Lance Hietpas, YMCA Wisconsin

“Setup doesn't get much simpler than with OneBlox… OneSystem, a cloud-based, multitenant management system that gives solution providers a single interface for maintaining all Exablox client devices. This too is as simple as can be...”

- Edward Correia, CRN

“If storage admins try to solve the challenges associated with managing unstructured data with the same technology they’ve been using, insanity may certainly be in their future because things just won’t get better. Vendors like Exablox are out there with innovative technology that is designed for the unstructured data challenges IT faces today, not the challenges faced 20 or 30 years ago.”

- Terri McClure, Senior Analyst of Enterprise Strategy Group

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